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Evan Weiss On Why Your DIY Band Is Ready To Tour Right Now



Evan Weiss wasn’t happy with a recent Runout article about why your DIY band isn’t ready to tour right away, so he wrote a piece about why that band is ready to tour right now. It’s a good look from the perspective of a musician that has grown through several different transitions in the music scene. Read the full piece here and a snippet below after the jump.

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Rings Of Saturn and Dethrone The Sovereign @ The Shred Shed in SLC Utah. Photos by me (Tyler Lynn)

Don’t forget these guys are going to be slaying at The Shred Shed tomorrow with AGATG, Aenimus, Old Gray, and, Dethrone The Sovereign

If you aren’t coming to see Weatherbox and Dikembe on the 31st then you’re messing up!


Unfortunately Driver Friendly is not playing the Shred Shed anytime soon, but they did just recently release a wonderful album that you should probably listen to?

A Lot Like Birds returns to the Shred Shed tomorrow with Heart to Heart, Eidola and Grass!



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